Most people want to own their own homes. Others like to rent. The owners benefit from the appreciation of the property. They get a tax deduction on the property tax and interest on the mortgage. The tenants do not have to deal with repairs and maintenance or the ups and downs of the valuation of the property. Once the lease term is over, they can move to a new and happening place. They do not get attached to the property as they know it belongs to them only for a limited time. They do not spend much on renovations because, when they vacate, the landlord will benefit free of charge. This does not become their permanent address. They do not have to despair when their homes are on fire, or in hurricanes, mudslides, or earthquakes. They have no stress of rebuilding. We should all live like tenants for this short period that we are on this earth-plane. Let the real Landlord, who owns this massive property, worry about maintenance. Stay, have fun, pay the rent by serving others, and then, move on to a better location where no rent is required. Take care of your existing place like a good tenant and leave in peace knowing that nothing belongs to you. — Satish Daryanani