On an airplane, the seat in business class is bigger than the one in economy. The difference between business class and first class is the pampering you get. We go for a massage to pamper our bodies. How do we pamper our minds? If you observe silence by not talking, it is like getting a foot massage. Now when you close your eyes and are aware of your deity, or God, it is like getting a back massage. If you can enjoy peace and wisdom with a clear mind you are enjoying a full body massage. The few who are able to leave the body-mind experience and are aware of their astral forms do come back to the awareness of their physical forms because of obedience or love for God. For them this experience is like getting a head massage. After a good physical body massage, you feel weightless—as if you have no body. After a massage of the mind, you are nobody. You feel like you are just space moving within infinite space. — Satish Daryanani