My father had been cheated by his partners in business and lost a lot of money. He was lost and did not know what to do. A friend gave him a spiritual book written by a spiritual Master. My father wrote to the Master and told him of his situation. The Master took my father as His disciple and, from then on, the only partner my father had in all his dealings was his spiritual Master. If we can make God our partner in everything, we will never ever be cheated. God is happy with only 10 percent of the partnership. We can keep 90 percent of the profits. It is up to you if you want to make it 50-50 partnership. The only good thing is that losses will not bother you. I tell God, “You are so rich that you want the company to have losses, so it is fine with me. Your budget for good causes reduces. I still have to pay for all the expenses.” This way, let Him take over all the concerns, growth, and financial health of the company. Others might cheat you, but your trustworthy partner will not. He will only give you guidance. Sometimes it is my greed that leads me to make wrong decisions. From today onward, I will ask only one question to myself, “Is this decision going to help my spiritual growth?” If not, then no deal is a good deal for me. Continue to play the game, but nothing is worth disturbing your inner peace. I thank God for not firing me and ending our partnership for all my stupidity. — Satish Daryanani