One of the things that I get upset about is paying cancellation or change fees. We get tempted by good deals on airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and other prepaid discounts. Yet, things happen and we have to pay fees to make changes or cancel. When traveling with spiritual Masters, many changes are made and so often there are many fees to pay. They see the look on my face when they decide to make changes. My fees recently have dropped, as I am traveling less with my spiritual Masters. In life, plans change, as they may not be God’s plans. We do not wish to overpay for making plans at the last minute nor do we want to pay all the change fees. What can we do? Plan according to your will, but the change fees are due to God’s plan. This is why I try not to get upset by them. Remember, even the loss of fees is God’s plan. He is testing you to see if you accept His wishes. I think, my Masters kept changing their plans on purpose to watch me get upset. They were enjoying themselves at my expense, and the Lord is enjoying playing with my reactions. If only I can overcome this weakness, I think my cancellation or change fees will stop. From today onwards, paying fees will not upset me. So God will not enjoy changing my plans. — Satish Daryanani

money flying away illustration