People wonder about those who have unusual careers. “What is it that they really do?” I always asked my spiritual Masters, “How do you spend your time? You are in a permanent state of bliss, peace, and wisdom.” They would just close their eyes and get lost within. I wondered about an author, who writes one or two books a year. How does he spend his time? My friends who have retired, what are they doing to not get bored? Here’s the secret. When two people talk, it can get tiring after a while. You will even run out of topics to talk about. Sometimes, you might end up arguing, as the two of you have different points of view. The one who can enjoy a conversation with the Lord has a different life. The conversation is not verbal, it is from within. The Lord has a great sense of humor and wisdom. The conversation is in the form of experiences, deep inner peace, silliness, just looking at each other with love, troubling Him, and wishing this life will never end. Sometimes, I wish that there was nobody, only the mind. Enjoying being with the Lord without any physical needs. Like in the movies, only a functioning head with nothing below the neck. How can you explain to someone what you do? Those who have not built this relationship are missing the best part of life. Not God as a business where you do things and get things, not God as a complaint box, not as a wishing well or a fortune cookie, but God as a 24-hour free entertainment arcade with all the video games in one room to enjoy. You will never want to leave the room. It’s like being in a virtual reality game permanently. All your desires, fears, attachments, and concerns are lost in the game. The Lord is the only player you are playing against. You can never win. You will be astonished as to how little you know. — Satish Daryanani

Virtual Reality game