There is no perfect world, no perfect time, no perfect situation, no perfect person. It sounds very pessimistic but understanding this is true perfection. When you realize your mind is the only perfect thing, not only will your world be perfect, but everyone who comes in contact with you will experience that perfection. Even the perfect one who made this world, purposely let us feel it is imperfect. So we seek perfection from within. If it was perfect from outside, nobody would read these thoughts. Our inherent nature is always seeking perfection, yet we live our entire lives in imperfection, waiting and waiting for perfection to come. We do no realize we are wasting our current perfect time and will find out we lost the perfect moment. Today is the big game. No matter what the result, it will be perfect. The score will be perfect, the temperature perfect, the location perfect, and the final result also perfect. The sad thing is that only 50% of the people will realize the perfection of this game. So enjoy this life knowing it is perfect. — Satish Daryanani

Perfect target