There is a fitness competition taking place in Miami. All the participants are in great physical shape. I admire them for the time and effort and the discipline they have put in to get here. They even maintain total control over their food intake. Everyday, we spend so much time of our bodies: brushing our teeth and hair, taking a bath, exercising, eating, sleeping, pedicure, manicure, massage, shaving, and many things our bodies need. Yet, we do not even have 15 minutes for our minds. No exercise, no effort, no competition, no diet, and no expense is needed. Working on our minds can make us healthier, stronger and younger. Once the mind is in your control then the body, too, becomes your slave. I remember taking my Master to a Cirque du Soleil show, and he said, “All of these performers could become liberated souls, as they have the discipline, devotion, and dedication to reach the ultimate goal.” Those who have success over their bodies can easily attain success over their minds. Then, one day, while you are working on your body, you can simultaneously work on your mind. You can attain the best of both. — Satish Daryanani— Satish Daryanani