People of different religions go to the holy sites for a once in a lifetime visit. They feel their lives will not be complete without making this pilgrimage. I, too, went to Mount Kailash and other holy sites. Yet, after visiting them, nothing much changed in my life. I was still the same person. It is only when pilgrims start the journey of self discovery do their lives start changing. We slowly start seeing everyone and everything as the same. Then everyone and every place is holy. Our pilgrimages are daily and every moment now is once in a lifetime, as the same exact moment cannot be repeated. We do not need to suffer in extreme heat or cold or be in large crowds or spend money to go on a pilgrimage. The pilgrimage within is free, no vaccines or masks required. The only problem is that no pictures can be taken to show others and there is no holy water or blessed foods to be shared with others. — Satish Daryanani