This is a contradictory term. If a pin drops, there is no silence. If there is silence, there is no sound. When we attend marriages and other functions, we are surrounded by loud sounds. Afterward, we feel like bathing in a shower of silence to remove the sounds from our system. There are two type of sounds. The first is natural, like waves of an ocean, birds chirping, flowing water. Nature creates sounds that soothe us. These sounds make us peaceful. The second is sounds that are created by us – like loud-speakers, traffic, talking — these affect our equanimity. Even the vibration created by the hum of the universe is a sound. The rotation of the Earth on its axis creates a sound. The sweet melodious voice of the Lord speaking to you has a sound. So, being in silence does not mean pure silence. It is the choice of the sounds you want. The correct sound of a devotional song can take you to the depths of silence. Each one is different. Enjoy the sounds of the Imax movies and night clubs, if you want, but when your core needs rest, spend time in sounds that can rejuvenate you. Then, sound and silence can give you the same blissful experience. — Satish Daryanani