Pirates used to have cooler ships than those of the good guys. They are always depicted as villains in the movies. On Halloween, more people dress up as pirates than as British soldiers with red coats. We are attracted to villains. We all have this naughty side in us. Who gave this naughty aspect? God. He is more naughty and mischievous than all of us. He is the original naughty person and shared with us this aspect of Him. The Devil, too, is a another side of God. If there was only heaven and only good people who did good deeds, this movie of life would be so boring that I would want a ticket refund. Thank God for His opposite side. That’s where I truly belong—the villain in God’s movie. All of this is like a ride we enjoy in Disney world. For our fun, so-called bad people are created. If there were only saints, who will give them the recognition of sainthood? I am created only to enhance the lives of saints. — Satish Daryanani

Pirate ship