We all have to make plans. Otherwise, we will not be able to book airline tickets using miles. We plan to do something and the weather can change our plans. You are told to have positive thoughts, pray to God so that plans become a reality. There are those who leave it to the will of God and say, ‘Man proposes, God disposes.’ There is no harm in planning. Remember, your life’s plan is already made. Nothing can change that. No matter what we do or don’t do. Once this is realized and not just in words, your outlook on life will change completely. You will plan everything but will remain unaffected by the results of your planning. People say it’s all God’s will and planning has nothing to do about it. Put in your effort. Make it your will. Then leave only the result as God’s will.  − Satish Daryanani

Map, computer, 2 sets of hands