This topic was brought many times to my spiritual Masters when we would discuss vegetarianism. Both have life but the pain caused to animals is greater, as their souls and their five senses are more developed. There is a bond formed with other animals. A calf feels the pain when the mother is separated. Animals value life as much as we do so the vibration is the same when they know they are going to die. Plants, too, feel pain but it’s much less so we pray and thank them for their sacrifice before we eat our meals. I try not to waste any food, as I know the sacrifice the plants have made for my meal. Causing as little pain as possible is all we can do. We cannot live pure lives without causing some harm. Eating a plant-based diet helps us to grow in compassion where we realize we all are one in the universe. We feel everyone’s pain as if it’s our own pain. Satish Daryanani