The courts sometimes are lenient, if you plead guilty to the crimes you have committed. If you are totally innocent, you fight for justice. Likewise, even with God, if you plead guilty for all your wrongdoings, the burden automatically is lifted from your shoulders. Your instant reward is being free from the burden of guilt. Still, it hard to admit our wrongdoings. The ego stops you from admitting it. Like God, the world is mostly made of soft-hearted people. Seeing the pain of your guilt is enough for them to forgive you. We are human, and mishaps will happen. Admitting your guilt shows your strength. Those who sit in silence prefer to admit their guilt, as they do not want to disturb their minds to enjoy peace. As you admit guilt easily, you will find not only that it is worth to play with fire and pay the price of being guilty. You are not doing the correct deeds for judgment day. You are feeling light from the release of all the burden of guilt. You are reducing the prison sentence from the inner judge, which is far worse than the judge appointed for the court. Make mistakes plead guilt, learn, and move on.— Satish Daryanani