Some who play the Ouija board game pledge their souls to the Devil. Some pledge their souls to their nation. Many pledge their souls to money. Some, out of fear for what might happen after death, pledge their souls to God. Those who are spiritually evolved pledge never to identify themselves as the soul. They do not want to limit themselves by saying, “My soul.” They work on finding out who is the “MY” that is using the soul, like my hand, my heart, my mind. How can we pledge something that does not belong to us? Everything is given only for the use for the Master Plan. Those who think they are the soul have to live with the fact that they will either go to heaven or hell or keep coming back in the human form to cleanse, according to karmic law. We are much more than that. So, for fun, I can say I pledge my hair to cancer patients. Similarly for my fun, I pledge my soul to the lotus feet of the Lord. — Satish Daryanani