Many years ago in my business, I would use a Polaroid camera to take pictures of the products I sold. Today everything is digital. All the cameras and film are now obsolete. Great camera film-processing companies are out of business. One day, even oil will become obsolete. As we progress and change, we will have no books, pens, or paper. Similarly, when we think of God as an image, hear the voice of God, and read or write about spirituality, it will be like living in the world of a Polaroid camera. We experience the imageless One, hear, feel, talk, or express through the inner voice. As we progress, all props will get outdated and we will become the digital image of God—a 3D hologram of God spreading the teachings. We will not need to count prayer repetition with the movement of meditation beads in our hands, we will be able to count our heartbeats instead. Nothing can hurt a hologram, as the images are not solid. Words and actions will cease to have value, and we will have no care as to what others think of us.— Satish Daryanani