Most post offices are losing money, as more and more people use e-mail and pay bills online. Children used to mail letters to Santa Claus. Now, fewer children believe and require gifts from Santa Claus, as Santa has been replaced by Amazon. We get gifts so fast that no one has the patience to wait for Christmas. We had time to write letters, but now we only have time to post our likes and dislikes. Even the mailman has reduced delivering mail, and God receives fewer deliveries of our prayers. Who has time to send the mail and wait for the response from God? If our prayers are not answered within a few minutes, we lose faith in prayers. In the old days, I would send letters from India to my father in the USA. The reply would take 2 weeks to arrive. We would be excited, waiting for the mailman to deliver our school results, letters from our loved ones, or a check. Who would do that today? Now it is all out-dated. No more catalogues or magazines to subscribe to, and not many thank you notes. — Satish Daryanani

Postal carrier on a bicycle, holding mail