Today, happiness has become a post-dated check or a promissory note. If such and such an event takes place, I will be happy. Happiness is an action that can only occur in the present. You may or may not be happy in the future, but you have the possibility to experience happiness this very second. Even misery can only occur in the present, it cannot be postponed. It is similar to people who want to experience God after they retire. They feel God is going nowhere, so what is the rush? God, in the form of peace and happiness, is always with you. But you don’t seek God until later when you are old and in poor health. When you only seek happiness from outside, based on your self-imposed conditions, it will never come. Postponing happiness is not living in the present. It is like saying I will only take a breath after my desires are fulfilled. You will die. — Satish Daryanani