Who is praying? To whom are you praying? For what are you praying? I told my friend, yesterday, to ask these questions while praying. Your mind will not be distracted. The day you get the correct answers to these questions, you won’t need to pray, but to thank the Lord for freeing you from prayers. So let’s try to put into words: The one praying is not the one with whom you identify yourself. It has neither a name, a relationship, nor a social security number. The one to whom you are praying is the Divine Self within you, the real you, the one who is the same in everyone. Now what you are praying for is to be free from praying. Once you are aware of this truth, there is nothing more to seek. As you have everything, change your prayers from asking for blessings to saying, “Thank you, Lord.” The experience will be different from what you are reading. This is just a guideline to what cannot be put into words. — Satish Daryanani