When Hindu people pray, we use the five senses. We see fire burn, hear bells ringing, smell the fragrance of incense sticks, and feel the tray we hold, and taste a sweet treat as blessed food after we end the prayers. Using all the senses helps us to develop focus. Choosing a form to worship helps us to grow in devotion. Many choose the form of Laksmi, the Goddess of Wealth. People change the form based on daily requirements. Many recite a fixed prayer daily and most get stuck in this daily ritual and do not go beyond that. Prayers are wonderful but are only the beginning of the endless journey of spirituality. All your senses have to be conquered and vanish, so you have no identification with your body. As you develop focus and devotion, you will discover hidden secrets. You can still pray by saying, “Lord, please bless me with focus so I can enjoy a moment of silence. All experiences will come from Your loving hands.” Start with a prayer and end up where prayers are meant to lead you—to relax and enjoy the loving hands of the Lord gently stroking your forehead while your head rest in the Lord’s lap. — Satish Daryanani