Many experts predict the results of sports, elections, weather, and the stock market. Sometimes they get it right and other times they are wrong. When spiritual Masters tell you something, nothing can change what they say. It may take time, and you might lose faith, but what they say will take place. It’s not that they are fortune tellers—it is because they have clarity, as they are free from time and space. The Masters only give this information if it helps you to get on the right track. It removes fear from your life when you know all is well. We all know we will die one day, yet, some do not believe in that certainty and live as if they are immortal. I am making a prediction today, “We all will experience God and be in the so-called heaven.” That is why there is a saying, “Heaven can wait.” You are only delaying the inevitable. Try and prove me wrong.— Satish Daryanani