We think our lives are measured in the number of years given to us. They are actually measured in the number breaths given to us. We all wish we could have the gift of prediction so we could bet on the Super Bowl and the stock market. I even used to joke with my spiritual Masters and tell them to come to Las Vegas with me. I told them all the winnings would go for good causes. The Masters told me that this money was not good and would not help anyone, as it has come from the losses of others and not out of their free will.  Only when you reach a stage where you are free from time and space can you know exactly what will happen. This gift is within each one of us. You may not use it to profit from it, but it may help those who are facing challenges. For example, my Master told me that I would incur financial losses and I would not be able to do anything to change it. I was mentally prepared for the losses. In today’s world, a lot of experts in their field make many predictions. They have a 50 percent chance of success. Some believe in them and put their hard-earned money on their predictions. Let me give you 100 percent reliable predictions: You will all leave this body one day. All those who have not experienced the wonderful world within will regret one day. Your true self never dies. Every day you wasted, not being on top of the world, you will never get it back. You will, one day, realize this is all a dream. All of your near and dear ones will not be with you permanently. All will realize that they did not maximize the valuable time given to them in this human form.” See how easy it is to predict? — Satish Daryanani

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