When a presenter has full knowledge, confidence, and enthusiasm, the presentation becomes effective. You can inspire others and get their juices flowing. The same material, if not presented correctly, gets the audience confused and can make an extra-ordinary concept just ordinary. Similarly, when a person introduces a Master, he or she should let the audience feel how fortunate they are to be in the presence of a great soul. Even to spread the teachings, the person on stage must have such a commanding presence that the audience should know if the speaker is speaking from experience or just repeating what they heard or read. Presentation can transform copper into gold, or gold into copper. A good presenter can even make the Devil look better than God, can make an atheist believe in the presence of God. Today is my spiritual Master’s birthday. His life’s work can be represented by the way His disciples live. If the fruits are ripe and tasty, the world will want to know the source of the tree. A seeker’s life represents the greatness of the Master. — Satish Daryanani

Dada J.P. Vaswani