Sometimes the previews of a movie are so good that we get excited and then we get disappointed when we watch the actual movie. We even make jokes about Hell. We enjoy ourselves so much on the first day, that we chose Hell over Heaven until we live there and experience and realize the suffering. Spiritual Masters woo us with their love, and, once they have us in their webs, the roasting begins. God, who is not a good director, has not made a good preview to show us the world of peace and the ecstasy within. Even the experience of being with Him is a poor preview. Whatever we think about peace, truth, and other aspects of spirituality, the actuality is far, far greater than what we can even imagine. There will be no disappointments. The only regrets that will come are, “Why did I waste my precious years not experiencing what I already have?” If God hired Steven Spielberg to make the trailer of the movie within us, He would increase His business. It is due to poor marketing that He only has a few thousand customers who have experienced the movie within. This experience, like wine, improves in time. The movie gets better and better as our ability to grasp increases. The vastness of the mind increases as the depth increases. It is not like seeing 25 movies, like the next James Bond movie which is the 25th in the franchise. It is only one, never-ending movie without a conclusion. So, enjoy this movie. — Satish Daryanani

25th James Bond illusration

(Image: MGM)