Apple charges more for its iPhones because the phones provide privacy. If a lot of the iPhones get hacked, Apple would lose its edge. My spiritual Masters always told me that God reveals Himself in privacy. I always felt God was very shy and private, as only a handful get to enjoy His presence. I guess He, too, must be using the IPhone. In privacy, you can express your true feelings, your fears, and your queries to the Lord. When we surround ourselves with crowds and noise, we are distancing ourselves from our private appointment with God. We all want privacy so no one can know the details of our lives. We can only share this with our true love. We know He knows everything, so there is nothing to hide. No hacker can discover your personal conversations with God. All your strengths and weaknesses, only God knows. So be private with the Private One and only reveal to those who are truly receptive to hearing about what you have experienced. — Satish Daryanani