Many rich people buy islands for themselves. They like to invite their business colleagues, friends, and family to show off their exclusive residence. I, too, have a private island. It is private, and I can enjoy it even when I am at a Super Bowl with 100,000 fans. I don’t need a boat, a helicopter, or an airplane to get there. There is no need to pay property tax, maintenance charges, or employ a security guard. It costs me nothing to have it. The only problem I have is that I cannot invite anyone to see the beauty of my island. I cannot get rid of the original owner, who gave me this island. God gave a 99-year lease, but He has all access to this island. He comes and goes as He pleases. There are so many islands, but not many takers, as people like to be surrounded by others and live in apartment buildings. We miss being surrounded by the infinite ocean of peace, the perfect turquoise color of the clean waters of wisdom. Such islands move with you all over the world. Want to get this island? Just call 1-800-Be-Nothing. — Satish Daryanani

private island