I am selling a new concept, a problem-free world. How many people will sign up for that? There will be no learning or growing. Based on this fact, will anyone sign up? A problem-free life exists only in a graveyard. There is no one to enjoy it. Problems are like air, they keep us alive. Running from problems is like running from life itself. The more the problems, the greater the spice of life. We enjoy problems like a crossword puzzle. Too easy, we get bored; too hard, we give up. The right dosage of problems makes life worth living. So, we maintain faith in the Lord by praying for help with the problems and by not giving up completely. A problem-free world would feel like we are living in a coma—alive, yet dead. Make problems your true friend. They bring out the best in you. The experiences test your faith, your inner strengths, and your limits. Your life is judged on your problem-solving abilities. As soon as one problem is over, welcome another one. Blessed are those who live from one problem to another. — Satish Daryanani

Crossword puzzle with correction tape