A. We all have a general purpose, the same purpose: to get closer to God, to experience God, which can only be done in the human form. Then, there is a specific purpose for which each one of us has been created. The only way to get the answer is to either go within or find a spiritual Master to reveal the answer. In my case, my Master told me, “Your specific purpose in life is to spread the teachings.” Once you know your specific purpose, you will find that the capabilities are within you. The hidden talent for which you were created is already there. For example, if a person is a good massage therapist, his or her specific purpose is to be a healer. We must find our specific purpose so that we can get into the work, or path, for which we were created. In time, you will find yourself drawn to your strengths. No one purpose is greater than the other. We are all not meant to be doctors or spiritual teachers, but each one of us is equally important in His master plan. In this jigsaw puzzle of life, everyone is required to do his or her part so that this game of life is played perfectly. Even if one piece is missing, the game gets disrupted. Pray so that you can find your specific purpose. Do what God has planned for you. When you do, you will see that this will bring you true joy in your life. Knowing that you are doing that for which He has created you, gives you a true purpose of life. Then the real fun begins, as you are being utilized correctly. Hope you all find your purpose soon. — Satish Daryanani

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