Some trips are for work, others for family, an adventure, to enjoy nature, or a spiritual trip. We travel for different reasons and justify the purpose of the trips. If a person says, “The purpose of my trip is because I have nothing better to do. I just want to pass time and appreciate what I already have,” then people will think of them as crazy for wasting time and money. We, too, have come to Earth on a trip, leaving our real home. What is the purpose? You have to determine that. First, realize this is not your home. You are only here on a short trip. Do you want a combination of everything or are you here just for one specific purpose? Your mindset changes, as this is not permanent. You can enjoy this life and give it a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor, or make a long list of complaints. Start with the mosquitos on Earth, then, complain about the traffic, extreme heat or cold, and the long lines everywhere. If you were supposed to have fun when you initially planned the trip to Earth, you forgot all about it. Now, you will only suffer until the end of your trip. No refunds are given. You get attached to fellow travelers and miss them when they are done with their trips. People even get attached to the hotel rooms, clothes, jewelry, and car rentals that they use. This journey provides only a break from your real home. If you want, you can come back again and again or get fed up and never return. It’s your choice. I love traveling and collecting miles, so I will come again and have fun with the travelers  whom I have forgotten while they were on vacation. — Satish Daryanani

Hotel on top of a snowy mountain