A. Ignorance is just a creation of the mind. In reality, we are full of wisdom. When the veil drops, you will shine in your own essential, divine nature. First, allow your egoism and desires to pass. Behind the clouds of ignorance is the bright sunlight of wisdom. Behind the mind is the radiant light of God. Purify yourself, destroy evil thoughts, move on the spiritual path, and the attain the correct vision intended by the Lord. This is the purpose of the human birth. It is like going to school. You have to have short hair, wear a uniform, do your homework, obey your teachers, do not talk in class, and so on. There are many dos and don’ts in life. When you graduate, there are no more rules. Then you are free to do all that you want to do, free to have fun in life. Once the true purpose of your human birth is complete, then the real fun of being human starts. There will even be some crazy people reading your thoughts. So, unfold your inner wisdom and let others also enjoy the light you discovered.— Satish Daryanani

Boy and girl studying in a luminous woods