A. No. The moment you feel that God’s grace has made you humble, you are no longer humble. Those who repeatedly say they are humble have a tremendous ego. If others feel that you are getting humble, plead with them not to mention it. Those that feel you have a tremendous ego, plead with them to let you know. When I do this, I can always continue to cry and pray from the depths of my heart for the gift of humility, knowing that this prayer can never be answered. The awareness of the grace of humility working on me will instantly make me lose this gift. You should never feel that you are more humble today than you were yesterday. Put in your effort, pray and aspire but get nowhere. Your life’s journey is to try to be humble. In your mind, you still have the same ego that you were born with. Let the grace of humility come to you, but, in your life, you cannot be aware of this grace. — Satish Daryanani

Man in prayer