A. If you find the right person who can read your horoscope, then he or she can tell you the future. In my case, what was told to me did come true. I wished he was wrong, but I had to pass through what my stars had aligned for me. Today, all this does not matter. The biggest star of my life is my Beloved, who guides me. Those small stars of my horoscope were only there to, one day, lead me to that big star. It is like reading the stars for the future dream I am going to experience. It is like me knowing the ending and ruining the entire movie, or the final score of a sporting event. Let the suspense of this drama of life keep me on my edge. The new tomorrow should unfold itself, making it a new beginning daily. Whatever comes — the good, bad, or ugly, it’s is for me to grow. — Satish Daryanani

Starry sky over mountains