A. After “Diamonds Are Forever,” Sean Connery said he would never play the role of James Bond again. Still, he came back for one more movie — “Never Say Never Again.” We say never again to smoking, drinking, and people still end up smoking and drinking again. Saying never again and sticking by it is not easy. On the other hand, if we fly with a low cost airlines such as Spirit Airlines, or if we have any other experience we do not enjoy, saying never again is fine. Still, sometimes we have no option and end up using that service again. In spirituality, if you say never again, then no matter what happens you should never break your word, for example, being vegetarian, spending time in silence, serving others, and enjoying all that comes to you. These should never become never. The most important thing is never, never have any regrets of the past. You are wasting your precious time and energy for nothing. In anger, never say you will never talk to a person, because life is funny, you will end up being his friend again. — Satish Daryanani

Never again! Holocaust memorial.