A. Some minor sins are forgiven if you repent with a pure heart and do not repeat them again. The repentance itself is sort of a self-punishment. It erases minor sins. However, you will have to suffer the capital sins. The laws of action and reaction are equal and opposite. You have to carry the impressions of your actions with your soul. God’s love gives us a chance to reform. It is not a punishment for capital sins. Instead, it is a chance to cleanse yourself, to learn the lessons and move on. Even a mother will forgive the children for their sins, but would love for them not to repeat them. If you scratch a table with a key, you have to work harder to remove the scratch. You have to sand the table, buff it, then apply varnish. Only then is the scratch removed. Similarly, the action of capital sin is easy. It takes more effort to undo it. So, please think of your thoughts and actions, as only you will have to clean up the mess. We do not have to blame God or question His soft heart which forgives us. What you sow, so shall you reap. Easier said than done. — Satish Daryanani

Remorse of man behind bars