A. If a dog’s tail is bent, can you make it straight? It is not easy to change someone. However, it is not impossible to change your own self; this can only happen if you want to change. You can try and help people to change if they want your guidance. Parents try to change their children. Spiritual Masters try to changes their devotes. People try to change their life partners. I am trying to change people with these thoughts. All must realize that we can only inspire them. They must want to change. We are all different in our thinking. So to inspire someone, speak in a manner to which they will be receptive. Do not force your point of view on them. The best way to change someone is to practice what you preach. That, itself, can inspire someone. But please, do not expect anyone to change, as you might get disappointed. Even if they tell you they have changed, only believe them when you see it through their actions. We are all creatures of habit. Only someone with grace and strong willpower can truly change. Do your best and pray for those who need help in changing themselves. — Satish Daryanani