A. I know of a wonderful, realized soul who would tell aspirants to avoid very spicy food or coffee, as they over-stimulate the mind. But once in a while, he would have spicy food and coffee. The spiritual Master has already mastered the mind. He is not a slave to anyone or anything. Masters guide us by suggesting the dos and don’ts to reach that level. In the beginning, even they had to maintain discipline. The Master tells us to sit in silence, at the same time and same place daily, to go within. The Master has the awareness that you are trying to attain, even when watching an IMAX 3D movie. All they are doing is helping you help yourself. Do not judge them, compare yourself with them, or find faults with them. Just work on your own growth so you, too, can enjoy the same gifts given by the Lord to all of us. — Satish Daryanani

Coffee cup and coffee beans showing up and down pattern