A. The answer is both, yes and no. Thoughts and prayers are very powerful but often unused. The simple reason is that we think one thing, pray for something else; ours minds are wandering. Even God gets confused as to what we really want. With so many distractions in the world today, we have lost the focus and ability to think. You can change the weather with your thoughts. What you think can actually manifest. Our prays can not only help us, but also our loved ones. But if your prayer becomes a spare tire of a spare tire, how do you expect it to work? When your prayer turns from mere words to the cry from the bottom of your heart, even God will come running to obey your command. We pray, wondering if God is actually listening. We do not have confidence in our prayers. You do not need to know the rituals, or go to a priest, in order for your prayer to be heard. When you build a relationship with God, He knows what is in your heart. You do not even need to pray. He will do all that is good for you. Then, your mind will become an antenna, sending positive thoughts to the whole world. Everyone will benefit from your existence. In that case, prayers and thoughts work. — Satish Daryanani

two humanoids broadcasting waves