A. We do not have to be perfect. If we were perfect, then there would be no need to spend time discovering the perfect one. A parent gives a child toys with which to play. The child is consumed by the toys, while the parent yearns for the child’s attention. When the toys need to be repaired or replaced, The child understands that the parent is there to fix the problem. Our toys are perfect health, wealth, name, fame, power, and position, which we enjoy. Some express gratitude, but some fortunate souls who have every toy to play with decide to find the source and leave all the toys behind. Their eyes are both focused on discovering the source, without a glance back at the toys. With grace, you might meet the source. You, then, complain, “Do I still have to go back and play with the toys to do my duties and service?” The perfect one who has accepted this imperfect one answers, “Play with the toys I give you. Just do not think that they are made in China, but are given by God. Use them to enjoy and help others.— Satish Daryanani

Girl playing with toys.