A. The answer is no. If you are peaceful and content, do not even waste time reading this thought. Someone yesterday told me that, without taking stress, you cannot be creative and useful to the world. So I asked, “What is the purpose of taking stress to be creative?” He said it makes him happy. The irony in life is that you do not need to disturb the mind by doing things to be happy again. Creativity is not lost by being calm and peaceful. Instead, with a clear mind, you are more useful to the world. Then he asked me if those who retreat from the world for self discovery are useful to others or only to themselves. A realized soul may not be physically useful in the eyes of others, yet can send such strong positive vibrations that others can get great benefit from them. They can write or teach others all they have experienced. This path is not for everyone. Nor should there be guilt that you have to do it. For those who ask themselves, “What is the one way to entertain the mind?” If your normal
life fulfills you, that is perfect. Crazy people, like me, with so many questions, need spirituality. I guess you have to be a lost soul to contemplate the teachings. So if you are confused as to “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose in life?”, “Is this world an illusion?”, then welcome to this endless journey of self discovery. All this will lead you to “nothing has happened, is happening, or will happen.” Welcome to the asylum of confusion. — Satish Daryanani

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