A. When I was young, I was often told, “You are good for nothing!” Today, sometimes I wonder, “Does my life really matter?” Then I get the answer. It matters because it matters to the One who really matters. My life does not matter for the sake of others but for the One who still wants me around. That is enough to keep me going. It is not about how much the Lord chooses to use you. You could just be a spare tire, to be used in a case of emergency. It is like sitting on the bench waiting to play a game in case another player is injured. Not all are meant to be the starters in His game. So even this good-for-nothing might have a purpose: showing others what not to be. So the value of my life is equal to that of everyone. My life matters as does everyone else’s. Never put yourself down by thinking your birth has no value. If you really want your life to matter, find the One who stills wants you around. Get to know Him and you will get the ultimate answer. “My child, I made you in my image. You matter more to me than I do to myself. You are an expression of my love. All that I am and have is in you. Enjoy this journey, then your life will have true meaning. Now you can become an instrument to remove this self-doubt from others.”  — Satish Daryanani

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