A. This question was asked of me today. If someone knows how to read numbers and the alignment of the stars and planets, he or she can predict the future of a person. It is not easy to find such a person these days. By knowing your future, can you change anything? The answer is no. If you have financial problems, or health problems, nothing can change. Even if you pray for grace, it can only give you the anesthesia for the surgery you still have to endure. My father knew a person who was skilled in this field. All that he said came true—even the age when my father left his body. Knowing this, however, does not change the facts. I learned that we all have a great numerologist. It is our thoughts, deeds, and actions. Our mathematical formula is written by us. We are the accountants of our own debits and credits. Our reactions, spiritual development, and service are free from our horoscopes. Knowing this we should enjoy the suspense of our doings. So, those who want to find out the final score of the Super-Bowl before it takes place, can look for the numerologist and bet on the game and make money. Others know that the ultimate mathematician, the Lord, cannot make mistakes. Let Him worry about keeping track of everything. He has nothing better to do.—Satish Daryanani