A. Einstein said life is like a bicycle: In order to maintain your balance, you have to keep moving forward. The first step is to not look back in life. Secondly, by looking to the left or right, you lose your balance. Keep your eye on the goal and do not get distracted. That is why they put blinkers on horses so that the animals keep moving forward and nothing distracts them. The third thing we must keep in mind is that the reins on our lives are being controlled by the Lord. He knows where to take us. All we can do is go forward with His will. That is why life is called a journey. We are not supposed to stay in one place and stagnate. When you keep all this in mind, nothing can disturb your balance. Like on a bicycle, if you lose your balance you will fall and get hurt. Maintaining balance is your natural state. Keep your balance and this ride of life becomes a breeze. — Satish Daryanani

man racing a bike