A. Most people do not have the skills to do this job. They put pressure on others or make commitments on their behalf, without asking permission. They even use guilt as a tool to raise funds. Even spiritual retreats, where you are supposed to go within, are used for fund-raising. Most people are attached to their own causes, and they tell everyone to donate to that cause. Even business people put pressure on their vendors, or customers, to give. The fundraisers do not know the financial situations or the commitments already made by others. These people do not tell all that they do. Those who give should not tell others of their service. Real charity should come from the heart of a person. They should do it willingly. Then, only the one receiving will benefit. I understand that fund-raising is required. It is okay to inspire and open people’s hearts. It should be done carefully, with detailed explanations, and not using peer pressure. Do not be attached to the target you are trying to reach. Only if you can do that, will you be the correct person for this job. — Satish Daryanani

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