A. We have to make choices throughout our lives, from ordering our favorite flavor of ice cream to selecting our life partner. The choices we make will determine the life that we are going to have, whether they are about our career, the place where we live, the friends we make, the service we offer, and so on. The more the variety the harder it is to choose. How do we know if our choice is right for us? The first, simple step is to enjoy making the choice. Ask these questions, “Is it going harm anyone?” “Will it help me to achieve what I want in life?” “Will this choice take me away from my spiritual path?” In the end, if you cannot make a good choice, ask a spiritual Master or someone whom you trust, to help you with your decision. Be careful before you choose. You have to live with your choices. It will be too late to complain after. Now comes the secret: All these thoughts are there to lead you to that day when you will never have to choose. Something within you will be automatically guiding you. The choices made are for your evolution or for the benefit of others. It happens to those who are fed up with choices and completely surrender to the One who knows more than you. So, the ultimate choice is whether you want to choose or let Him choose everything for you. — Satish Daryanani

7 identical doors from which to choose