A. We all have limited resources. We must utilize them correctly. One of our resources is time. Successful people know how to utilize this 24-hour time period given to us daily. We have goodwill in the world, make sure we do not waste it. Like a bank line of credit, we maximize the returns. How many of the limited breaths that are given to us are used to help others? How wisely do we use the material wealth we have? Do not take for granted what you have. All that you have may not be permanent. Do not let people influence you about how to spend your resources. Be firm and spend a few minutes daily considering how to use your different resources. You can utilize your resources completely for your inner growth. There is no budget limit for that. On worldly matters, use your resources like a bank loan: Think you have to pay it back with compounded interest. — Satish Daryanani

Resources symbols: shelter, money, and time.