A. I was in Hong Kong with my spiritual Master and there was a question and answer session with children. In my mind, I felt I had better answers, and I wish I could have answered the questions. My Master read my mind and said, “I am sitting in this chair to talk. That is my role now. You are here to listen, that is your role. We are all playing our parts in this drama of life, and this is the role we have to play.” I learned my lesson that day. I drive fast. When I sit in an Uber with a slow driver, I remind myself, “My role is that of a passenger, not a driver.” I can give and receive strong massages. When the therapist is working on my back and not putting enough pressure, I tell myself, “I am here to receive a treatment. I cannot massage my own back.” When good cooks eat food cooked by other chefs, they are there to eat, not to cook and compare. Even those who are used to serving should give a chance to others to serve them. Our roles keep on changing. Sometimes we are givers, and at other times receivers. It is not that we can do a better job, it is so we can play our given roles perfectly, without any comparisons or complaints. — Satish Daryanani

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