A. If you want things done correctly, you have to do them yourself. If you depend on others, then you have to live with the effort of others. What you put in this world comes back to you. Sometimes people will tell you, “Why don’t you delegate?” If you delegate, then you cannot get upset with what you get. If you do it yourself, you have to live with your mistakes. Get upset at yourself and learn from the lesson. This will lead you to realize that even your spiritual growth is in your own hands. You cannot blame the Masters or the organizations that help you develop. The whole world is created to fail you. Only you can help yourself. Put in that effort required to get all that you want. At least you will accept all responsibility and stop blaming others. Remember, the word correct is from your own point of view. So, your thoughts and actions are only correct when you are in control. God has given us this freedom. Even though He is in charge of everything, He lets you put your own effort to attain anything you want. Therefore, do your best and know that whatever happens is for your good. Have no guilt for a lack of effort. If things go according to your plan, you will enjoy a great feeling of self-satisfaction when all the effort pays off. So, please do not make God a mule to carry the load of your life. Take it on your own shoulders and leave only the results to Him. — Satish Daryanani

Large burden to be pulled.