A. Those who run businesses keep their minds busy with their work. Others keep their minds busy with social media and with what people say and do. Those who are on the spiritual path think of the Lord and fill their minds with inner wisdom that flows. We have to occupy our minds or we will grow crazy. The choice of how to do this is yours: What can you do to occupy the mind? Time should be given for the mind to take a break and enjoy a few minutes of a thoughtless state. How you keep your mind busy will determine how much anxiety, stress, and worry you create. Everyone is different, so there is no magical formula for occupying your mind. Only you can decide what is harming you. Start being aware and stay away from what disturbs your mind. Block from your contact list those who affect you. Similarly, all things that consume you, put them, also, on the blocked list. Delete them from your life. Occupy your mind so inner peace remains in the background, with the scenes of mischief, fun, and entertainment in the forefront. — Satish Daryanani

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