A. Thinking is like breathing. It is happening all the time. Even in deep sleep, our thoughts turn into dreams. To rest the mind, we need to stop thinking. To do so, first, we have to start analyzing the thoughts that come. They are only to do with the past and the future. If you can think only of this present moment, you are halfway there. Now you are only living in the present – you are reading this line and have nothing else on your mind. You have developed focus. Then, slowly, you will see that while you are brushing your teeth, having a shower, eating your meal, there is nothing much to think about. Slowly, you will reach the thoughtless state. To remain in this state permanently is boring. Now, your thoughts will change to the Lord, service to others, and wisdom, that you can witness. So, thoughts are created by you for your fun, and not for your being a slave to them. Enjoy a thoughtless state for peace, rest, and serenity. — Satish Daryanani

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