A. Religious people are masters at repeating quotes from the scriptures. They will also use the names of Allah or Jesus, or say So-and-So Saint said such and such…. They repeat everything, word for word. They even try to convert people to what they believe. For example, they can talk about how to see God. The ones who have really seen God cannot express that in words. They will not advertise it. When you bring up this question, you will know if they have seen God just by looking at their faces. Religious people spread knowledge that they have heard or have read. Spiritual people spread wisdom they have experienced or realized. They will never get into a debate as to which path is better. The words, “This is the only way,” will never be uttered by them. Repeating the teachings can be done by a parrot. It’s like saying, “Sugar is sweet.” When you taste sugar, you will say “Aaahhhh.” When the teachings are tasted, you live with the pain of knowing the ignorance of humanity. Then, you can spread the teachings with empathy. — Satish Daryanani

religious sculpture