A. People do much in life for this answer. What do I leave behind? What is my legacy? You are dead — what does your legacy matter? All that matters in my life is what my Spiritual Masters and the Lord think of me. Did I trouble my Masters enough? Did I put on weight enjoying all the delicious food everyone fed me? People should remember me by showing them what to be or not to be. My purpose in life is to teach others what not to be, to show them how to have fun in life by living a life with no regrets, by being a pain in the butt so no one misses me. The great Masters who come into our lives show us how to live. Their lives matter. Their thoughts, words, and actions are aligned with their teachings. They lead humble lives of service and give unconditional love. Just thinking of them brings tears to our eyes. These souls are worth remembering, as they live for others. They do not do all these things for how they will be remembered, but because they see God in everyone. I hope that, when I leave my body, a new James Bond movie will soon be released, so that my funeral may be celebrated by going to the movies. — Satish Daryanani

Lincoln Memorial